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Join our Group


You are very welcome to come along to one of our meetings to meet the group and see the power of networking in action.

During the meeting you will have the opportunity to promote your business and obtain an application form. Before you decide to come along, please check the list of business categories already represented in our group (see below) .

ABC operates a policy of one representative only from each business activity. However, if you find that your sector is not currently represented then act quickly to lock out the competition!

If you would like more information before coming along, please use the enquiry form here and someone from the group will contact you.


Membership fees

The annual membership fee is € 240. This can be paid either as one full payment or two 6-monthly installments.

New members will pay the annual fee on a monthly pro-rata basis, payable from the 1st of the month following the acceptance of their application.